Are you ready to leave a
job that no longer serves
your happiness?

Are you ready to reach
for your full potential?

Are you ready to serve a
purpse while having fun?

Let’s find your dream
career together!

I invite you to my CONFIDENT program!

I have mapped out the exact process to help you connect with your talents, skills, passion, and value. I will be side by side with you helping you find that dream career that allows you the financial freedom to enjoy life on your terms.
A 9-step program designed for creative professionals who feel stuck and want to find their next steps towards a fulfilling career path. Transforming their current work situation with confidence and certainty to create a purposeful career.

Here is what Chris, an account manager at a
high-tech company said about working with me.

“Thank you Sixu for all your help and guidance throughout the last couple of months in my life. When I started this journey with you, I was definitely off track at my career as well as my personal life. Right away you were able to identify what was going on and we came up with a wonderful plan, a highly detailed plan and obviously went over all of my goals and dreams with you and we were able to accomplish all of them that I went out and set for, today I feel much more fulfilled and I greatly appreciate it.”

1 on 1 coaching calls

You will receive 3 coaching calls per month. In each call, I will support you, challenge you, and empower you to find the answers needed for your session. You will leave each session with more clarity and confidence. After the third call, we will have a week in between to integrate your learnings.

Weekly worksheet

You will receive weekly worksheets. Completing them deepens understandings of yourself and will prepare you for the following session. How diligent you are in completing the worksheets has a direct effect on the success of the program. These worksheets can be beneficial for you long term after the program ends.

Private support group

`` Purpose Driven Creatives`` is a facebook group created for members to get real support from fellow members and me. It is a safe place to share your obstacles and insights. Your questions will be addressed at a timely manner always.

About CONFIDENT program- From feeling stuck to creating a dream career

  • This program was designed to be a road map for working professionals who want to transform their job situation find their dream career that aligns with who they are, without confusion and overwhelm. 
  • I have personally transformed my job situation with the steps from this program, so I do not doubt its effectiveness. I wish I knew about this process sooner to save myself from many sleepless nights.
  • This is a certified coaching process designed with Life Purpose Institute (LPI) where I received my coaching certification. LPI is rated as one of the top coaching certification programs nationally by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

This program is not for everyone, it is for you if:

⚡ You are currently overworked and underpaid and want to feel more appreciated for your efforts.

⚡You know you have more to offer, and your current job is limiting your potential to achieve more.

⚡You are someone who has an open mind and is willing, to be honest with yourself.

⚡ You have at least 5-10 years of work experience and are currently at a point where you want to make a change for something better that resonates with your calling and are committed to taking any step necessary for the change you desire.

I'm in, let's chat!

This is my promise to you:

It is the only program you will need to connect with your passion and value.

It will help you find out about your purpose and calling.

  • You will be clear about your gifts and talents and how to share them with the world.
  • You will know what skills you have and what skills to acquire for your new career.
  • You will learn about your core values and begin to make choices that support these values.
  • You will be able to recognize mental blocks and have tools and techniques to release them with confidence.
  • You will feel empowered and no longer need to seek validation from anyone else.
  • Most importantly, you will finally be on a career path that is fulfilling and lasting.

What will be covered in the CONFIDENT program?

⚡Session 1: Connect and honor where you are. We will be looking at your life from many different aspects, such as career, finance, physical & emotional health, work-life balance, etc. 

⚡Session 2: Obtain and make friends with your undiscovered talents. I will ask questions to remind you about what you are good at to help you identify existing strengths and discover new ones.

⚡Session 3: Notice and embrace existing skills and talents. I will provide you with worksheets to organize your skills by categories and find what skills you currently have and wish to acquire for your ideal career. 

⚡Session 4: Find your values and stay strong behind them. In this session, we dive deep into understanding your core values. We also will work together to combine multiple fields of interest that will support your values.

⚡Session 5: Inquire and recognize the “wall” and get to the other side. There may be fear or limited belief that will be the block to stop you from pursuing your passion. I will teach techniques based on your specific needs to help you start to resolve those blocks.

⚡Session 6: Design the next steps with your discoveries. At this point, you will probably have 7-10 career paths that interest you. We will work together to see if they support your passion and value discovered from previous sessions.

⚡Session 7: Experience and educate to solidify action steps. I will give you two weeks after session 6 to do research and test out your options and narrow it down to the top 1-2 career choices.

⚡Session 8: Navigate your success-building strategy. At this point, you will have chosen your career path, and we will work together to come up with a plan and strategy to move towards this ideal career path.

⚡Session 9: Transition smoothly to your dream career with confidence. You are now ready to move on to your new career path. Looking back, you will see lots of growth coming out of you, and if you need further support to hold you accountable or additional mindset work, I will still be there to support you further. We will be able to discuss a coaching plan that is specific to your needs onwards.

CONFIDENT Program can be started at any time, and lasts about 3 months.

Your investment: $1665 ( I offer payment plans and commitment rewards are available if paid in full.) Spots are limited per month, click the button below to secure your spot.

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Hi there, I am Sixu!

I am a career coach during the day and designer at night. I feel blessed that I have found a beautiful balance of coaching and designing throughout my week.

At first, I gave up design because I was an overworked and underpaid interior designer for ten years. I felt burned out and unappreciated. After a deeper understanding of myself, I realized I needed a bigger purpose and found coaching as my calling. I also realized that I still need the creative aspect in my life, thus I decided to continue to do design part-time at my leisure.

I am so pleased to be able to utilize both of my talents and interests. I love my life now. I am finally living a life full of joy, abundance, and freedom. I wake up each day feeling excited and go to bed satisfied.

I believe no one is here to be miserable. We are here to be the best we can be while doing what we love. Therefore, I am determined to help others find their talents and passion and build a purposeful career that provides total fulfillment, as we all deserve that!

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Got questions? I got answers!

I am ready to work with you, now what?

If you haven’t, please schedule a 30mins call to make sure we are a good fit to work together. You will have an opportunity to ask any questions about the program during the call.

Are the results guaranteed?

It depends on YOU. I will provide you with all the necessary support, tools, and resources to my best ability, and it is up to you to be diligent about the work I assign. How committed you are to making the change will also affect the outcome. Your willingness to do whatever it takes to make the change is the key to your success in this program.

What if I miss a session?

There are three sessions a month, and if you miss a scheduled session, 48 hours notice are required to cancel or reschedule. If you have to miss a session during the month, we will discuss the best way to make up the lost time to keep you stay on track with the program.

Are there payment plans?

Yes, I offer 3-months and 4-months payment plans. We will determine in the coaching agreement before our first session.

How long is the program?

This program will take about three months. We will be meeting three times a month, with a week break in between. That week is for you to integrate your learnings and give yourself time to allow new insights to come. However, you can do it in a longer time to fit your schedule. We will establish the timing during our coaching agreement before the 1st session.

Is it too late for me to change?

This question gets asked a lot. I can be sure to tell you that it is never too late to make a change. Your life is 100% your making, and you can decide when to make changes for better fulfillment at any point. My first client was a 68-yr-old carpenter. All he knew was carpentry for 50 years until he dug deeper and found his passion in writing. He published a book four months after the program. Now you decide if it is too late for you.

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